Controversy in Football Again

Super Sunday served up two absolutely massive games, but once more it is the incidents that were wrong, rather than the amazing play that is dominating todays press.

Mark Clattenburg made two very controversial decisions in the Manchester United V Chelsea game, of which both were probably wrong.

He gave Fernando Torres a second yellow for a dive, which replays show was not a dive but a bad tackle by Jonny Evans. He then also allowed Javier Hernandez’s goal to stand when he is clearly in an offside position, as United won 3-2 at Stamford Bridge.

He is also alleged to have used inappropriate language towards the Chelsea players and have been reported to the FA. However, the legitimacy of these claims can be questioned after Chelsea did report Champions League ref Fritz a while back, and got it horrible wrong.

In the Merseyside derby, Luis Suarez was again where the attention was focused, but for once he was wrongly disallowed a winning goal as he was clearly onside and level with the ball when he tapped in in stoppage time.

Perhaps this time his reputation once again went against him.

What we should however be focusing on was the quality of the games. There were nine goals and lots of drama and comebacks with some great football in between to look back on, but unfortunately for football in England, that football is no longer enough and problem after problem is causing a black shadow over the game.

Whether it is right or not, the new era of controversial football is well and truly here to stay.

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