Tests under floodlights?

The International Cricket Council have finally given in to demand and have now deemed day/night tests to be allowed in international cricket.

The decision means that no longer will test crowds be emptier on the weekdays and the market for success is something that has been welcomed by Cricket Australia.

The board in Australia have set a priority to become the first nation to try this out, and are already actively working with countries to get this happening down under.

There are however many practical obligations that still need to be decided, such as the safety of fans (however with f1 and the night race) this is less of a problem.

The big issue though is the ball. Currently the dark red test ball is too dark and would not be able to be seen in the floodlight arena.

The white ball that has been used in T20 and one day games would be a much easier way, however this ball has yet to show the credentials to lat the duration needed in a test match.

So while in principal it would be great for fans, and give cricket another great spectacle, don’t expect to see it just yet.

However, with Australia keen to give it a go, he iconic ashes could well turn into a bonfire night skyline, and cricket could well have a brand new platform to burn in the public hearts again.

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