Reading Lose Thriller in Cup

Football fans were entertained last night in one of the most bizarre and brilliant games of football ever.

The league cup has in the past been notorious for slightly cagey affairs, or with a youth team showing their promise.

But at the Madjeski stadium, thousands of fans witnessed youngsters collapse, then fight back from the death and a hat trick from a ‘wide man’.

Reading who have been unable to buy a victory in the Premier league this season, raced into a 4-0 lead, and progression into the Capital One quarter finals seemed a certainty.

Some Arsenal fans were pictured leaving the ground at this point, but a true fan stays to the end and tonight was their night.

Playing a mixture of youth and boys, they were all over the shop and looked in pieces before they struck on the stroke of half time.

The second half was less free flowing as Reading strangely decided to sit back, and as Arsenal grabbed another with 25 minutes to go, they cranked up the screw.

It took till the 89th minute to grab a third however, and then a fourth followed in injury time to send the game into extra time.

Reading had let slip a four goal lead, at home, to a bunch of boys.

Arsenal then took the ascendancy and after a spell of boring football, both teams forgot about defence.

Arsenal then took the lead for the first time, before Reading hit back with four minutes to go as penalties looked on the cards.

However, this Arsenal team had gone from death to get here and as Theo Walcott scored his third of the night, Arsenal exploded again and finally ended up with seven for the evening.

The game as a spectacle was superb, and Arsene Wenger must be happy with his team, but Reading, how can you let a 4-0 lead slip and score five at home and still lose?

Arsenals season could well kick on from here, but for Reading it is a long way back, and that might just not happen.

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6 thoughts on “Reading Lose Thriller in Cup

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      • antb10 says:

        No problem, take care and hope the success is mutual

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