Golf on Sundays

Sunday afternoons are never the same.


For caddies this is where you can prove you are worth your weight in gold-it may surprise you just how big an influence the person on the other side of the bag has had in helping to achieve a desired result.

You have seen it whilst watching professional golf on a Sunday evening. You eagerly watch, waiting for the next shot to be played, however for whatever reason there is a delay, a hold up. This here is the common misconception, this conversation is every bit as important as the swing put on the shot itself, it is the player-caddy conversation and, for most players, is a foundation of their PSR(Pre Shot Routine).

The reason this is of such importance is because it is the point where you come to a decision and remove of all hesitation-hugely important from a psychological perspective (hindsight does not exist). Typically, the caddy will…

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