Chelsea get Revenge

Less than a week after Manchester United controversially won at Stamford Bridge, the titans served up another thriller last night in the league cup.

With the Mark Clattenburg story still back page news, the football was seen as an after thought but not to these rivals.

They carried the mantle of exciting spectator football in the cup that is traditionally known as the weaker of the two English cups.

Now it has come into life after the Arsenal V Reading game, and this one followed suit.

Nine goals, extra time and penalties galore were played out in a masterclass of how not to defend.

The game swayed from team to team, with errors dominating the game, as neither side really asserted any dominance.

Changes were made as is customary in this competition, but with experience like Ryan Giggs for United and Juan Mata for Chelsea, it was by no means reserve sides.

As the game ebbed and flowed, Chelsea came from behind three times before finally taking the lead in extra time.

For the first time in the game, Chelsea made it a two goal lead and even though United pulled one back it was not enough.

It was bitter sweet for Chelsea who had seen their undefeated start in the league end on the weekend, but it is another indication that cup competitions are still important to Chelsea.

For United, time will tell but expect many more ding dong battles in the coming months between these heavyweights in English football.

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