It’snowheaven – Jammin’ in Austria – By Jess Softley

The annual Pleasure Jam competition is said to traditionally kick of the Northern Hemisphere TTR Season, and saw 80 of the world’s best riders line up to compete.

The TTR or Ticket To Ride is seen by some as the purest and most legitimate of the snowboard competitions established and ranks alongside the Winter X Games as the Premier series in the world.

The stage was set with a combination of the breathtaking scenery of the Austrian Dachstein Glacier and the thrill of the competition drawing a large crowd eager get a look at this year’s competitors. With this being the 10th anniversary of the comp, it was clear that the riders were pulling out all the stops to secure their places in the final and earn those all-important TTR Points.

The TTR comp was set up in 2002 by Terje Haakonsen, in order to bring the best of the snowboarding world together to compete in this freestyle snowboard event.

The conditions were not perfect and all of the competitors knew that with predicted high winds, they would have to choose their runs carefully. The women’s finals took place first and despite heavy conditions, Britain’s best female rider, 21 year old Aimee Fuller, stepped up her game in order to dominate this competition taking 1st place.

With a sweet cab underflip on the first jump followed by a backside 360, she had the crowd going wild as she came up to the rainbow rail nailing it with a nose slide. She knew she had 1st place in her sights as she did a backflip off the wall to conclude her run.

She held this position till the end of the event, lifting the title for a 2nd year running. Swiss rider, Isabel Derungs gave it her all, just falling short of 1st place, with Urksa Pribosic from Slovenia coming in 3rd.

Fuller was delighted with the win, commenting on her blog: “I couldn’t be more pumped to have stomped my run, and to start out the season with this.”

As the winds increased to over 60km/h, the men’s 2nd run was abandoned so only the first was judged, leaving it a close knit field. It was Eric Beauchemin who edged out on top claiming 1st place by less than a 3 point margin over Austrian Werni Stock.

Britain’s Jamie Nicholls took 3rd place, close on the heels of the top two. As well as a credible 3rd place, Nicholls also took the best trick category with his frontside tailbluntslide with a 450 out.

Nicholls told the event organisers: “It`s amazing – this is my fourth year and every time I’ve been so unlucky. The first year, it was OK but I was kind of scared and nervous but that was like 4 years ago and I got into it. The second year I did my ankle, third year I fell in the finals and this year I got third and won Best Trick – so, pretty good.”

The season has only just started, but it looks like it’s going to be a good one for the Brits!

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3 thoughts on “It’snowheaven – Jammin’ in Austria – By Jess Softley

  1. Joanne Softley says:

    Another great piece Jess

  2. Boxy says:

    This is quality. I can put you in touch with Whitenoize mag, it’s an online who are always keen for contributors. They might even be happy to include this. Hit me up on Twitter. @IamJamesBox

    • antb10 says:

      Hi James
      I’m the creator and editor of the sporting week blog but I didn’t write the piece you are on about. I can get in touch with the contributor for you and then pass on your details and get her to get hold of you if that’s ok?
      Anthony Bowyer

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