Cue Action – O’Sullivan No Show – By Will Vallely

Forever controversial figure Ronnie O’Sullivan will miss the remainder of the season due to “on going personal issues.”

The reigning World Champion has had a turbulent season to date pulling out of most tournaments and at the beginning of the season Ronnie refused to sign a contract allowing him to compete.

Speaking in May he said: “There’s certain pressures that I can’t do with anymore. I asked for support from World Snooker and I never got it and I don’t think I’ll ever get it.”

O’Sullivan has been the biggest name in the sport for a long time now but will the game suffer with him not around?  His personality and quick playing style makes him more TV friendly than most players and will it affect the amount of sponsors coming forward?

World Snooker chairman Barry Heard stated: “He will be missed of course, but we haven’t seen Ronnie on tour very much lately and the other players have picked up the mantle and come up with some excellent tournaments with fabulous viewing figures around the world. So we will miss him, but frankly it is probably for the best.”

The game is currently in a healthy position in talent with new poster boy Judd Trump coming to the foreground. There are also a few other players garnering more public attention such as the young outspoken world number eight Mark Allen.

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