Minichiello Named Coach of the Year

Antonio Minichiello has been named as coach of the year after he helped Jessica Ennis break the World Record and take Olympic Gold in the Heptathlon in 2012.

It has been a great year for the partnership and this award is the culmination of all their hard work, not only this season, but since the heartbreak of injury put Ennis out of the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

He started training Ennis from eleven years of age and has helped develop her into one of the best multi-event athletes ever, as well as one of the fastest sprint hurdles star the world has ever seen.

Amazingly, after Ennis broke the world record in Gotzis last year, Minichiello claimed she still had her best performances yet to come.

As well as looking after and managing Ennis, he is also the coach of  many other rising GB multi-eventers such as Karla Drew and John Lane, and is often found in one of Sheffield’s amazing sports facilities, barking orders, or methodically instructing an athlete on their technique.

This award is truly deserved and will hopefully mean he remains a coach, rather than moving into a different role with UKA athletics, so that he can inspire many other generations to have the same winning mentality as Ennis.


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