Flintoff Wins Debut Fight

Former England cricket captain Andrew Flintoff last night embarked on a professional boxing career with a victory against Richard Dawson.

The ‘League of Their Own’ star climbed into the ring, winning on a points decision 39-38 after throwing punches and taking a few himself.

It did not go all his own way as he was floored in the second, but he came back strong with some attacking punches and his eagerness meant he was always ready to attack.

It was not a heavyweight contest that will be remember for its boxing however, but for the occasion it will go down in history.

The fight had caused controversy before it even started. Flintoff had been granted a licence to fight, even though he had not go through the proper avenues, and he had his whole reputation and that of the McGuigan family in his corner, where on the line.

Yet a spectacle his licence was well worth it, bringing in cross sport fans and promoting it to a wider audience. It is yet to be seen if he will continue this career path however as after the fight he stated it could be his last.

Flintoff has received praise in the recent hours over twitter and from boxing industry players, including Carl Froch, and has helped boxing get back into the limelight again.

As sports men go however, Flintoff has proved that he can battle it with the best in the ring, and with a bat or ball in hand.

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