England Finish Bottom

England’s hockey team had a tournament to forget in Melbourne as they finished last at the annual Champions Trophy.

In their final game, they lost to a golden goal against New Zealand after the regular 70 minutes finished 2-2.

England had taken an inexperienced team to Australia, with many of their stars either back at university or unable to get the time off, and it showed from the very start of the tournament.

They lost their first game to India 3-1 in a game that ebbed and flowed, before they demolished European rivals Germany 4-1 in their second encounter.

The result meant that they faced Australia in the Quarter Finals but they were out played by a far stronger and more experienced side, who would go on an take the title in their back garden.

However in their fourth game, they played a Belgium team that they should really have beat. Yet they were humbled by a dogged and competitive Belgium side, falling to 4-0 defeat.

The result means that they will have to drop down to the Challenge Trophy and may miss out on this tournament next year. this is a big shock for the side who are ranked fourth in the world.

This competition has showed that England lack experienced replacements and without their first team, can be undone by inferior opponents.

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