It’snowheaven – McMorris outshines Shaun White in Dew Tour Honours – By Jess Softley

The breathtaking backdrop of Breckenridge, Colorado, was centre stage to the last leg of the Dew Tour event of 2012.

After making its debut in 2008, the event that stops in three American cities over a series of months rapidly became one of the biggest action sports competitions to be held within America.

With such an illustrious event, the most esteemed riders and die-hard fans come from near and far, year after year to be a part of this epic tour.

The winter event has three challenging competitions; Slopestyle, Superpipe and the all important Big Air.

With not only six snowboarding and skiing events, this renowned tour also offered live music, autograph signings, giveaways and much more to appease the thousands that gathered.

As the line up for each event was announced, it was clear that the audience would certainly see some of the best runs that snowboarding has seen this year. With non-other than Mr Shaun White making an appearance for the Men’s Superpipe, the event would most certainly live up to the expectations of the spectators.

White was his usual impressive self with a backside air, followed by a frontside double cork 1080, a cab double cork 1080, a frontside stalefish 540 and his signature double McTwist 1260, finishing with a stylish alley-oop backside rodeo. This run went against gravity itself, and landed him the first place podium spot in Superpipe with a 95.25.

With the level of “technically impossible” tricks being challenged, the boundaries of snowboarding have been constantly pushed this year throughout every event. It made sense for Dew Tour to respond to this by giving the chance for snowboarders to compete in the Big Air competition, and showcase their talent, and boy did they seize the day!

In the final man final of the Big Air, McMorris pulled out an insane triple cork 1440 scoring him a whopping 96.75, putting a substantial amount of distance between himself and second place Sage Kotsenburg, who thrilled the crowd with a stylish backside double cork 1260 Japan.

Following Kotsenburg was Stale Sandbech in third with 69.25, who was marked down for a slight drag of the hand during his landing.

After also claiming first prize in the men’s Slopestyle, it was clear that McMorriss was taking his comeback by storm after just losing out on a podium place in Beijing. Throughout the first runs, McMorris stomped every trick, taking the highest score with an impressive 90.00.

That was until his second attempt at the course, raising the stakes and wiping out his previous score with an immense 95.00. No other rider seemed to be able to top his run with a lipside to fakie, switch hard 270 onto the next down feature, a cab double cork 900, frontside 720, and a backside 360 to tap on the iON camera feature, a double wildcat and a frontside double cork 1260 to wrap up a technically brilliant run.

With the likes of USA’s Kaitlyn Farrington, Kelly Clark and Torah Bright competing in the women’s Superpipe, they definitely showed just how talented they were. After conquering a powdery pipe, Farrington continued to dominate the competition, having the highest score to beat in both rounds.

With an 85.00 on her first run, Kaitlyn then gave it her best shot on her second run scoring a 90.00, opening with back-to-back 900s, backside to frontside, grabbed stale and mute, followed by a backside 540 tail, alley-oop 540 indy, method air and frontside 720.

After last week’s air and style in Beijing and this week’s winter dew tour in Breckenridge, this season is shaping up to be epic!


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