Puck Plays – Steelers Need Focus – By Dan Perry-Plant

The Christmas period of games kicks off this weekend for league chasing Sheffield Steelers who are currently sat in third place in the league, battling with Belfast, Nottingham, and just below them Coventry.

The Steelers take on Hull on Saturday, and then face Belfast on Sunday at the Sheffield arena.

Steelers boss Ryan Finnerty has called for his players to signal their intent as they arrive at the “business” end of the season.

“It gets no bigger,” he said.

“This is the time when you need your big guns to come to the front and perform. For me Johnny (DeCaro, Steelers Goaltender) is key.

“He has been brilliant for us in recent weeks. I love how he is playing right now. We need that form to continue. Johnny is a man for the big moments, the big games and these coming are huge for us. He has to be our best player.”

This is high praise for the Steelers goaltender who came under fire last season, and in the pre-season for his patchy form and some fans felt he didn’t care enough about the club to ever be a successful goaltender in Sheffield.

However, DeCaro has hit back this season with a string of impressive performance and has won over the majority of the Arena audience.

The Steelers will be travel on boxing day to take on fierce rivals Nottingham panthers, and the return fixture will take place just a day later in Sheffield, and the Steelers will need fan legend Jeff Legue to find his form, something which hasn’t often troubled him, if they are to get any points from those games.

The whole of Sheffield knows that the race for the title could be over by the 27th of December, with three months left in the season, if the Steelers don’t pick up the majority of points over this busy Christmas schedule.

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