It’snowheaven – Brits on the Move – By Jess Softley

The Brits will be moving from its long term home in Switzerland to the French resort of Tignes for the 2013 event.

The celebration of the British Ski and Snowboarding scene follows on the heels of the Winter X games, which is being held at the resort the previous week.

The Brits lasts a full and lively seven days from 23rd-30th March and whilst showcasing the talents of the British professionals, it also draws many an eager amateur and those just spoiling for a party.

Being one of the highest resorts in the Alps at 2,100m, Tignes is nestled in the upper Isere valley and linked with its somewhat more famous sister resort of Val d’Isere. Tignes is less stuffy than its neighbour and the night life is more relaxed, though during the X Games and The Brits it may be a little hedonistic.

The terrain is some of the best to be found within Europe providing as much fun on the slopes and backcountry as will be found in the village Après Ski. Tignes certainly is the ideal place for a British Party.

For three years, Tignes has been the host to one of the highlights of the European winter calendar, The Winter X games, which has in recent years brought thousands of spectators each year, generating huge media interest particularly on the arrival of snowboarding’s freestyle legend, Shaun White last year.

The Brits may be dwarfed by this proceeding event, but it will be no less lively or competitive. Last year saw the top spots in the Big Air taken by Sam Turnbull and Katie Ormerod in Snowboarding and Lucas Hegland and Molly Summerhayes in the Skiing.

It is expected that this year will see a larger and more competitive field.
After an amazing eight years at Laax, Switzerland, it was time for a change of scenery for this premier British competition. And that’s not all they have changed!

As well as the Boardercross, Halfpipe and Slopestyle there’s also going to be a brand new rail contest with the flagship Big Air event rescheduled as a “floodlit” night time contest, combined with an open air live music gig.

Add this to a wacky 90’s themed fancy dress night, and you’ve got the biggest and best party of the year! So dig out the neon pants, crop tops and your boarding gear and get yourself to Tignes this March!

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