Armstrong to Talk?

Lance Armstrong, the shamed cyclist who had his seven Tour de France titles stripped due to a drug regime allegation will  talk on US chat show Oprah, on 17th January.

The cancer sufferer and cyclist was stripped of his titles by the Sports Governing Body after a report in the United States revealed a detailed cheating plan.

Armstrong had before this been very upfront about drug cheats, and has never failed a drugs test while in competition.

However after the announcement and revelations of some of his former teammates and members of his peloton, it now seems inconceivable that Armstrong was able to succeed without the use of drugs.

Cycling in the past has been a hot-bed for drugs cheats but this case, the most high profile top come out of the sport continues to shock the world.

After all, Armstrong is no regular rider. He battled back from testicular cancer to originally claim seven Tour titles, revolutioinising the athletics nature the sport needed.

A bit like Jonah Lomu in rugby union and Micheal Schumacher in F1, he changed the state of play and made the event better, more professional and the athletes drive their bodies harder in search of the yellow jersey.

But he will talk on Oprah with his career and reputation in tatters. According to reports in America, he may come clean in a bid to be able to salvage a career in triathlons.

Whether he will reveal all is left to be seen, but he would be wise to stay clear of the Marion Jones tactic and deny all charges and look like more of a fool.

A life full of glory, pushing the body to the limit, has finally come down to this, an interview on an american chat show.

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