Classic Moments – Great Escape from Maguire in 2008 Masters

The Sporting Week continues their look at ‘Classic Moments’ with the next installment this week.

With the 2013 Masters snooker now underway, this weeks classic comes from the 2008 Masters match between Ronnie O’Sullivan and Stephen Maguire.

In their opening frame, Maguire was 71-54 ahead when he snookered himself on the green when trying to clear the colours.

Most players would have tried the double or gone around the table, but Maguire cleverly played the ball back past the pink and toward the bottom left pocket.

The ball bounced off the jaws of the pocket, went up the cushion and hit the green that was resting on the side.

It was a brilliant shot and brought the crowd to an applause.

You can watch this classic shot here:

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