Murray to Face Djokovic

Great Britain’s Andy Murray will face Serbian and world number one Novak Djokovic tomorrow in a clash of the top two in the Australian Open Grand Slam final.

Murray, who claimed his maiden grand slam title at the US open last year, has made it to the final for the second year running.

If Murray can win tomorrow, he will become the first man to ever follow-up his maiden win with another straight after.

Yet for Murray, his greatest ambition could come from becoming a multi-time slam winner in the modern era, and put himself up with the greats of Rafael Nadal, Djokovic, and the greatest of them all Roger Federer

Djokovic, who defeated Murray last year and has won the title for the last two years, could become the first person since Roy Emerson to win the trophy three times in a row.

The pair have played 17 times in professional tennis, with Djokovic holding a ten to seven advantage. However when it comes to finals, Murray has the better of the seven game ration, having won four.

Crucially he defeated Djokovic in the last final they played at Flushing Meadows.

Murray’s road to final has been perfect, playing the minimum number of sets required up to the semi final as he disposed of challengers before taking out Federer in an epic five sets on friday.

Djokovic faced tough competition from Stanislas Wawrinka but has himself produced unbelievable tennis when it matters.

The game is live on BBC 1 tomorrow morning, coverage starting from 08:15 (GMT)

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