It’snowheaven – In The Memory – By Jess Softley

This year many people will remember the X Games in Aspen for a very different reason, as an extremely talented snowmobile rider lost his life doing what he loved.

For quite a few years now, the X Games has held the snowmobile events, bringing the “Extreme” to many lives of these pro riders.

As expected, these events were designed to test the skill of each rider and to push their limits.

Both brother’s Caleb and Colton Moore, knew exactly how to show off their talent in this field as they were pulling off somersaults and flying off each kicker, barely clinging on, with only their feet round the handlebars.

Caleb was just a teenager when he decided to make the switch from all-terrain vehicle racing over to snowbmobiles. He first started competing just three years ago, and in that short time he became a four-time X Games medallist, quickly rising to the top.

So after landing a backflip many times during practise, no one suspected that this last jump could go wrong.

After under rotating the flip, his snowmobile caught the edge of the landing area, sending him straight over the handlebars and into the path of his vehicle which conclusively rolled onto and over him.

With a sport as dangerous as this and a snowmobile weighing over 450lbs, this trick was bound to have some consequences.

Caleb was first taken to hospital to be treated for a concussion but as the night drew to a close, there became a complication as a bleeding developed around his heart.

He was then flown to Grand Junction, Colorado for immediate surgery, in which Caleb then suffered a complication involving his brain.

All who knew him, or were inspired by his bravery and talent would agree that USA has lost one of its best snow sports athletes and they were glad he could go doing what he loved the most.

Moore’s sudden death was the first ever in X Games history since its establishment in 1997, and a result of this, a charity was set up help cover Moore’s medical expenses and by early Saturday morning, has raised nearly $50,000.

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