It’snowheaven – Travis Rice – By Jess Softley

When people talk of Travis Rice, they speak of one of the most talented snowboarders ever to take to the mountains.

Some would say it’s because of his twelve years of elite competition experience, others would say it’s his numerous titles in global slopestyle, big air and backcountry events including two X Games gold medals.

Despite this, Rice never really wanted to become a pro, and after achieving a win in almost every event there is, related to snowboarding, has earned the right to take a step back and leave the formal competitive structure.

Not only was Travis born and bred in Wyoming, he is also the son of a ski patroller, so his life has always been surrounded by snow. Rice was just 18 years old when he drove to Mammoth Mountain, California to ride at Snowboarder magazine’s “Superpark”, launching a backside rodeo off a 110 ft gap jump.

Therefore it was no surprise when Absinthe Films’ producer Justin Hostynek immediately approached him to do some filming.

But his skills don’t just end with his ability to throw himself off the top of mountains in the most challenging terrain in the world. Rice is also known for his incredible knowledge of off-piste, mountain riding, with the ability to just look at a mountain and calculate the best and safest route to the bottom.

During the summer, he would climb the mountains and build a freestyle course, that when covered in snow, would challenge the most talented of riders.

With very few cross-overs in snowboarding, Travis decided he would create an event of his own called “Supernatural”. He did this by combining the aspects of freestyle riding, with the backcountry terrain, giving riders the chance to show their individuality, as no two riders would take the same line.

Launching the ‘Supernatural’ event, Rice told the eagerly awaiting snowboarding community: “I’ve been working on the ‘Supernatural’ for three years now, and it’s happening next winter. Essentially we have this place in interior British Columbia that is a 2,200 ft face. Up there the snow pillows so perfectly that we’re essentially going to have the craziest run in the world. I’m hoping this will be the future of snowboarding and competitive venues.”

Travis has a very unique view on the sport, believing less towards competitive recognition and more towards exploring the boundaries of snowboarding. Rice says: “I want to grow a beard and get weird in the woods” as opposed to other high profile riders who just want to be “Rockstars”.

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