It’snowheaven – Snow Queen – By Jess Softley

Aimee Fuller first jumped on board the snowboarding band wagon at an early age, taking to the slopes of USA at just 12 years old after practising on her local dryslope in Kent.

However, Aimee’s first taste of snowboarding wasn’t a pleasant one: “I don’t usually get frustrated, but I got so angry I threw the board on the floor. I couldn’t stand it,” she said.

But after some well spent time practicing, she quickly set her heart on becoming a professional snowboarder and boy did she succeed.

Despite coming from the flat (and snowless) suburban area of Bromley, Aimee quickly developed her skills, taking on her first competition in 2008 in Laax for the British Championships, junior women’s Slopestyle, and came home with gold.

Since then, she has proven that she can hold her own; becoming one of Britain’s biggest female snowboarders and GB Winter Olympic hopeful. This season she has dominated the slopes, taking 1st place in the O’Neil Pleasure Jam in Austria in just one of her many achievements. She also placed 2nd in the Nescafe Leysin Championships and 3rd in the Roxy Sno Pro.

For such a young snowboarder, she has certainly got further than she ever dreamed.

But despite this, Aimee still sticks to her one rule. To have fun.

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