It’snowheaven – Start of a New Era – By Jess Softley

This year the Burton US Open will take centre stage at its new home in Vail, Colorado to celebrate its 31st anniversary.

Earning its 6* TTR title since its inaugural event in 1982 and has been an annual event ever since.

After leaving its spiritual home in Statton, riders will have to work hard to leave their mark in this new territory and essentially a new era.

With Shaun White coming back to defend his title in the Halfpipe, things are sure to heat up, as he is sure to have plenty of competition on his hands with the likes of I.Pod and Scotty Lago close on his heels.

With a prize purse of a whopping $250,000, many of the best and biggest riders will certainly be pulling off their most technically challenging runs in order to secure those all-important podium spots in both the Halfpipe and Slopestyle events.

Will this new era bring the same level of insanely great snowboarding or will this generation continue to the push the boundaries of each competition organiser. Don’t miss out and tune in to this week

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