Classic Moments – F1 Opening Weekends

Next weekend sees the start of the 2013 F1 season, so here at The Sporting Week, we have taken a look at some classic opening round drama.

With Sebastian Vettel going for his fourth title this season, we look back at two drivers who were going for their first.

Back in 1996, Damon Hill took the title, but it was his younger teammate Jacques Villeneuve that stole all the headlines on the opening weekend after he qualified his car on pole in his debut race.

Both he and Hill had a titanic battle, which the Brit won but it was fair to say the Canadian had arrived with a bang.

You can watch that classic battle here

Elsewhere on the opening weekend, Mika Hakkinen was allowed to win by teammate David Coulthard in 1998, after they had a gentleman’s agreement.

The Mclaren pair had destroyed the rest of the field and were over a minute ahead, whenLCoulthard slowed down with a few laps remaining to let the Finnish driver through.

You can watch this classic moment right here

This was a planned move, and under the no team orders rule of now would not be penalised because it was the drivers who decided.

You will be able to catch regular updates and reviews from the 2013 season in our Pit Stop feature by Lewis Brearley throughout the season

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