March Madness: Surviving the lonely months without the NFL Blogs

To start things off, let’s be completely honest with ourselves. The NFL never really stops. From the combine to free agency to the draft and so on, we’re always hungry for consuming content about our favorite sport. But, there are points where those glorious Sundays in September seem painfully far away. Like right now.

We’re currently adrift in this sea of nothingness that is pre-free agency. Sure, there are rumors stirring about. After free agency opens next Tuesday there should be a flurry of news to get us excited about football again. Yet, March is one of the longest months without football. First off, there are 31 days. And for the teams not making splashes in free agency, there is not much to get excited about during any of those days. Aside from the over-abundance of “NEW” mock drafts and Tim Tebow trade rumors, it’s a dire time for football…

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