It’snowheaven – Bangers and Cash – By Jess Softley

As expected 2013 just keeps bringing us more and more surprises and this is no exception.

As noted by many, there seemed to be a gap in the competition set ups, as those whose talents lay in the skills of rail riding were not catered for in the championships.

So, after moving from its birth place in Switzerland, to Tignes in France, the Brits have decided to throw down a whole new event purely for those insanely talented rail riders, called “Bangers and Cash”, a rail-riding jam session.

Despite being a part of the Brits, this event has taken a step back from the usual, formal structure of competitions and has gone for a more relaxed approach.

With this in mind, the Brits’ park shapers have decided to have specific zones which judges will focus on, as riders compete to get the best “bangers” on the rails of the season.

As it suggests in the title, judges will be focusing on the talent shown on each rail and awarding the best run with cash prizes.

However, unlike fellow competitions, this event will have no elimination process, to give each rider the chance to ride the park until a select few battle it out for those podium spots.
So, who’s up for some “Bangers and Cash”?

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