It’snowheaven – All eyes on Tignes – By Jess Softley

Tignes will be the focus of Europe’s attention, with all eyes on the Winter X Games this week followed by The Brits the week after. And with such an illustrious backdrop, this is the perfect setting to hold the two most prominent dates in the British snowboarding calendar.

Tignes’ close links with Val d’Isere brings in one of the largest skiing areas in Europe for Espace Killy, drawing up to 28,000 people at a time.

Not only does it have multiple villages to cater for different interests, but also has a range of activities to entice even the most novices of riders, ranging from Helicopter trips to Husky riding.

However, despite this, the thing that keeps people coming back for more is the reliability of the quality and volume of snow in the winter and spring seasons and rightly so, being one of the highest resorts in Europe.

It’s this very reason that Tignes will play host to both the X Games and The Brits with over 30,000 spectators attending the international event and several thousand expected for the British competition.

Whilst the X Games focuses on two main events in the Superpipe and Slopestyle, the smaller cousin, The Brits has a much wider variety, adding the boarder and ski cross, a rail event and finally a UK v France invitational team air challenge.

Despite having the least amount of events, the X Games will dominate in terms of elite athletes with the Superpipe king, Shaun White, Slopestyle dominator Mark Mcmorris hoping to repeat their success in Aspen but Iouri Podladtchikov, Torstein Horgmo, Ayumu Hirano and Yuki Kadono will be close on their heels, ready to capitalize on any mistakes. Britain will be represented at the X Games by Jamie Nicholls, Aimee Fuller and James Woods.

Whereas the X Games places already established professionals on a world stage, The Brits provides a spring board for up and coming British talent and has in the past provided the first taste of major competition for board riders such as Jamie Nicholls and Aimee Fuller and current skiing golden boy, James Woods.

So if you’re interested in watching the elite displaying their finely honed talents then the X Games is for you.

But if you’d like to take a glimpse of the raw talent pushing their own personal boundaries in an attempt to emulate the best then you should stick around for The Brits. Whilst the event may not command the media attention of the X Games, The Brits will ride just as hard and party even harder!

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One thought on “It’snowheaven – All eyes on Tignes – By Jess Softley

  1. Joanne Softley says:

    Great piece Jess now roll on next week for the comp

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