Vettel Admits he was Wrong

Sebastian Vettel won the Malaysian Grand Prix in controversy this morning after he was told by team officials to stay behind teammate Mark Webber.

Vettel disobeyed the orders and took Webber, which lead to a hostile environment after the race between the pair.

In an interview after the race with Sky Sports, Vettel said: “I should have behaved today. I made a big mistake. It’s not a victory I am proud of. It should have been Mark’s.”

Webber was very angry telling Martin Brundle he believed Vettel was clear team number one: “After the last stop the team told me the race was over and we turned the engines down to go to the end.

“I want to race as well, but the team made the decision which we usually do before the race and say that is how it is going to be and look after the tyres and the car and get to the end.

“But Seb made his own decision today and will have protection as usual and that is the way it goes.”

The tension emanated onto the podium as well, with team boss Christain Horner claiming Vettel had been “silly” to react in the way he did.

Elsewhere, there was also controversy as Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg agreed to stay behind teammate Lewis Hamilton, so the Brit could finish third. He later admitted: “I can’t say it’s the best feeling being up here today. If I’m honest I really feel Nico should be standing here.”

Hamilton had a good afternoon but did provide the comical moment when he drove into the McLaren pit box instead of his own.

You can catch more reach during the week in out Pit Stop feature as Red Bull look to sort out this mess. One must wonder whether Webber will use his “wings” to fly away from the team.

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