Ronnie to win?

Ronnie O’Sullivan returned to the crucible theatre two weeks ago having not won a game in 2013.

He could leave it a five-time champion.

Such is the class of the man, he has defeated his greatest challenger Judd Trump in the semi-final and potted as if he had never been off the circuit.

If he does claim the title, many would claim he is the greatest player ever.

He dispels the myth that players need to train hard and focus to win, but then he has never been just a normal player.

Superb with both hands, controversial and with off the table problems, this man is far more complex.

Having already announced in an interview with the BBC that this could be his last ever tournament, it would then be fitting he should win.

The record holder for the fastest maximum, one of the best potters and break builders ever, could be hanging up his cue.

But whatever the result on Sunday his form this fortnight has been exceptional and his ability to provide action unrivalled.

It will be a fitting win if it happens but a certain sad day if it is the last time we ever see him back in an amongst the balls.

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