It’snowheaven – Indoor and to England – By Jess Softley

With the winter season finally drawn to a close, it’s up to the indoor snow domes to provide our snow fix.

This summer, a new series of snowboard and ski events will be hitting the biggest domes across the UK as Snowsport England, the governing body who oversee snowboarding and skiing, have set up their very own English Championships.

After such success and positive response from the Scottish Championships, it was about time that England set up their own equivalent, allowing English riders the chance to compete on home soil. However, unlike many other competitions, these championships rewards riders with great set ups and a killer atmosphere rather than the latest gear.

The English Championships are a combination of four events with the first three heading to Chillfactore in Manchester during June for the Slopestyle, Moguls and Boardercross events in both disciplines.

The final event takes place in Milton Keynes on the 20th July, as riders will get the chance to participate in the Big Air competition.

This event not only gives riders a chance to enjoy themselves whilst shredding on English slopes, but also to encourage and draw out those hidden pros.

It’s likely that some familiar faces will be there along with up and coming riders, who will no doubt be looking to climb the podiums for this inaugural English event.

As well as the initial event, Snowsport has teamed up with Northern Freestyle to offer training and advice before the competitions to help improve snowboard and skiing skill and technical ability.

It will be interesting to see how this new addition will affect the UK competition circuit and also individual riders. I’m sure event organisers; Snowsport England, will be hoping that the competitions will generate the same response and credibility as that of The British Championships.

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