It’snowheaven – Rat Race – By Jess Softley

For most people, the winter season in the northern hemisphere ended weeks ago. But try telling this to the guys from Drink Water, an organisation set up to promote the benefits of drinking pure water over energy drinks.

Any money raised by the organisation is donated to a charity dedicated to bringing clean and fresh water to those living without.

With winter sports now being dominated by energy drink sponsorship, Drink Water is a movement to help remind people of the importance and positive effects water has on the body.

The second annual edition of the Rat Race, a banked slalom snowboard event hosted by High Cascade, took place last week at Mount Hood, Oregon.

With invite only restrictions, the rider list resembled old school vs. new school with the big shot Terje Haakonsen, snowboarding’s giant and new comer Temple Cummins out to put their stamp on the event.

This informal, laidback approach promoted the ethical and true ethos of snowboarding as each rider battled it out with a total of two runs, with the quickest lap taking home 1st prize.

However, this course was designed to test agility and technical competence as the guys from Drink Water had thrown in all kinds of crazy things to mix up the conventional set up.

And the course take its toll on the riders as several teeth were chipped and one rider even broke his wrist.

However, no course could better the raw talent of Terje, who took 1st place as expected, showing off a smooth and technically inspiring run.

2nd place was taken by Temple Cummins, Kingston’s Curtis Ciszek took 3rd, 4th place going to Blake Paul and Zak Hale just making the extended podium at 5th.

After generating such great success we can’t wait to see what they’ve got in stock for us next year.

To find out more information on Drink Water, watch out for next week’s piece on The Sporting Week.

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