It’snowheaven – The Energy Debate – By Jess Softley

With the increased popularity and publicity of snowboarding, riders now have the added pressure of being a good role model for the keen snowboarding followers who look up to them.

For professional snowboarders, it is essential that they gain sponsorship in order to compete at the highest level and progress as athletes.

Recently, sponsorship has been dominated by energy drink brands such as Monster, Red Bull and Relentless, promoting their products through brand visibility and heightened awareness, aligning themselves with adrenaline sports.

For some riders, this kind of sponsorship didn’t sit well with them. This disagreement then lead to the formation of Drink Water, as Bryan Fox and Austin Smith decided to take a moral stand against the promotion of these, arguably unhealthy, substitute drinks.

They first began their movement by writing Drink Water on their snowboards to try and encourage others to do the same. From then, they brought out their own range of jumpers, Tshirts and other merchandise to spread the word of the benefits of drinking pure water.

In order to bring their movement to a wider audience, they set up an annual competition (Rat Race) to increase their publicity and allow riders to compete in an informal laid back environment.

As part of their movement to push the advantages of drinking water, they vouch to pledge 10% of their profits to the charity, to give as much as they can to ensure that fresh water is brought to those living without it.

Don’t take it for granted!

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One thought on “It’snowheaven – The Energy Debate – By Jess Softley

  1. I stand my support for Bryan Fox and Austin Smith. Nothing bits fresh water! Even drinking energy drink, needs a fresh water after! Thumbs up! : )

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