It’snowheaven – What Katie Did Next – By Jess Softley

With a dry slope right on her doorstep and Jamie Nicholls for a cousin, Katie Ormerod was destined to be an insanely talented snowboarder.

Katie was first thrown into the world of winter sports when on a family holiday in Austria at the age of four, hitting the slopes with the tiniest of skis.

Shortly after Katie was given her first snowboard, a Burton Chopper 101 where she then competed in her first competition in 2005, the Kids women slopestyle in the Aim Series Bracknell, placing 2nd.

Whilst Katie was growing up, Halifax ski slope had a pretty hard core snowboard scene with the likes of Jamie Nicholls, Wayne Taylor and Sam Turnbull, creating a perfect breeding ground for any budding snowboard enthusiast.

With such positive role models, Katie had the best of chances to make it as a pro and reach the dizzy heights of the Winter Olympics.

Her crazy skills were quickly picked up by her local indoor slope, Castleford’s Sno!Zone who offered her a sponsorship deal which still stands to this day.

Over the years, Katie has made quite a name for herself taking several gold medals in various competitions all over the world, including this year’s British Championships in Tignes, taking gold in the women’s halfpipe event.

After gaining sponsorship from Roxy last year, joining Aimee Fuller and Jenny Jones, Katie has progressed massively as she and the rest of the Roxy team headed to the back country to ride the mountains.

As a result of this emerging talent she then joined the official GB Team to take on the rest of the world in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. After taking part in the British Championships, she joined the rest of the GB Freestyle team in Mayrhofen, Austria, Katie said “It was a really productive week as I landed my first ever double backflip! I was so stoked!”

For years Katie has lived under the shadow of her famous cousin Jamie Nicholls, but now she casts her own shadow and has gained the respect in her own right.

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One thought on “It’snowheaven – What Katie Did Next – By Jess Softley

  1. She really has a skill for snowboarding. Thumbs up for Katie Omerod. I wish I am as shreddy as her. : )

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