It’snowheaven – Brits invade Kiwi Slopes – By Jess Softley

With the Winter Olympics right around corner, the GB Slopestyle team are doing everything they can to secure their place at Sochi next year, with each qualification event having a huge impact on their chances.

Therefore the stakes were just as high, as athletes from all over the world came flooding in to compete at the FIS Snowboard Slopestyle World Cup in New Zealand.

Kicking off the first FIS Snowboard World Cup of this season, our GB athletes would be coming up against some tough competition.

However, this was not their biggest obstacle, as poor visibility and high winds forced FIS officials to postpone the Men’s slopestyle qualifiers for several days, resulting in only two out of four, actually taking place.

Despite the issues with the weather, the remaining men’s qualifiers and women’s slopestyle qualifiers went ahead the day after to decide who would be competing in the finals.

Amongst those who qualified for the men’s final, was Britain’s very own Billy Morgan who came a respected fourth place in the second heat, to join Maxence Parrot, Roope Tonteri, Peetu Piironinen, Gjermund Bratten and Eric Willet.

Also, on the women’s side, Brit Jenny Jones made it through the qualifiers, to not only boss her run, scoring a whopping 87 points, but taking home the silver medal. Jenny was extremely relived to have landed her run, with memories of previous missed chances lurking behind her.

Sadly, Aimee Fuller and Katie Ormerod didn’t quite make it to the podium spots in the qualifiers, placing 9th and 10th.

Unfortunately for Billy, his final was cancelled due to ‘unrideable’ conditions; however he remains in second place in the Overall Men’s Slopestyle World Ranking list, leading up to the next qualifier at Copper Mountain, Colorado in December.

So far the GB Slopestyle team are becoming an even bigger threat at each and every event as the Olympics creep that bit closer.

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2 thoughts on “It’snowheaven – Brits invade Kiwi Slopes – By Jess Softley

  1. Thanks for sharing! Congrats to the winners, keep on shredding!

  2. Jess says:

    Glad to provide some insight 🙂

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