It’snowheaven – Shredding Indoor Style! – By Jess Softley

With the winter Olympics right around the corner, GB athletes will be on a non-stop schedule of constant training and competitions leading up to 2014, and the 19th October will definitely be on their calendar for one reason only. The British Indoor Championships!

However, the great thing about this event is that you don’t have to be a pro to compete, as this event will offer something for everyone.

This year, the competition will be taking place at Manchester’s Chill Factore which holds the longest indoor slope in the UK. Not to mention the incredible set up they are creating especially for the indoor championships, building individual zones, honing in on different skills in each section.

As the final National Championships before heading to Sochi, the bar will surely be set high in the 90 minute open jam session hosting and array of riders, from Olympic hopefuls, to amateur shredders.

These 90 minutes of shredding fun are aimed at encouraging all riders to bring their all, resulting in a final ‘shred off’ at the end, with the best riders taking home the podium prizes.

Also, to allow young riders a fair chance, there will be a separate challenge for them to show their talent on a killer set up in front of the media and spectators. The youth’s category will be judged on both their runs, with the best one counting, in order to determine who will make it into the final 3 podium positions to claim their prizes.


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