It’snowheaven – World Snowboard Day – By Jess Softley

Do you love snowboarding or just fancy trying your hand at a new and exciting sport?

Then the 22nd December is definitely a day for your diary! The World Snowboard Day this year hits 15 different countries across the globe bringing snowboarding to those who had never considered it before, and celebrating with those who love it.

This one day, annual event brings every aspect of snowboarding as key riders throw down some pinpoint techniques to help even the most amateur of riders get ahead in the game. Major labels will also be bringing their best and latest gear and tech for anyone to try out for free!

Those who feel their shredding techniques can rival most will have the chance to compete in a World Snowboard Day contest, and on this season’s snowboards.

However, this celebratory day is not only to promote the ethos and fun factor of snowboarding, but also has a serious note to it.

Organisations set up to help protect the environment will also be there to help spread awareness of the importance the environment has on sports such as snowboarding.

This year, Word Snowboard Day has gone one better to bring in none other than boarding great, Xavier De Le Rue, as the ambassador for their 8th edition. Xavier will help bring back the importance of pure snowboarding and riding for the love of it.

If you would like to find out more information about the World Snowboarding Day, and how you too can enjoy the spoils of snowboarding, please visit the WSD website on

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One thought on “It’snowheaven – World Snowboard Day – By Jess Softley

  1. This will going to be a big and great event! Will surely not miss this. : )

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