It’snowheaven – Jibbing in the streets of London – By Jess Softley

Last week, London really showed how great snowboarders can be born without snow covered mountains as O’Neil’s Shoreditch jam session got underway.

This jibbing-focused, rail event took place in the streets of London, as 50 tonnes of snow was shipped and compacted in a street themed set up.

Riders had the chance to show off their skills on features such as, a double decker bus, phone box, bus stop and a post box, to name but a few.

The event kicked off with an open jam session as all 24 riders threw down some skill on the park with spot prizes awarded for stand-out performances.

Andy Nudds killed his runs in the jam session, gaining £100 cash prize before the real competition had even begun.

It was a tough event as the final four competitors from both disciplines lined up for their head to head battle to make the top three podium positions.

It was in the final where skier and Halifax native, Tyler Harding came into his own impressing the judges all the way into first place, claiming his well-earned cash prize of £500.  Following Tyler is second place was Ross Welch, with George Walton just snatching 3rd place from Micheal Rowlands.

The snowboarding final saw some insane tricks as Sparrow Knox stole first place with a stylish frontside 270 to switch boardside on the rail, finishing it off with a tap on the post box, to claim his cash prize as well as £200 from the best trick award. John Weatherly also pulled off some killer runs to secure himself a place on the podium, slotting in behind Knox with 2nd place, with Ollie Dutton just clinching 3rd ahead of Andy Nudds.

After a crazy day, an event like this would not be complete without an equally crazy after party as the riders gathered once again to party just as hard as they ride.

And if this event is anything to go by, then we should certainly expect to see more quality riding from Britain.

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