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2014 dream for Mills

Heather Mills is a name synonymous with Sir Paul McCartney but that could all be about to change as she faces one of her biggest challenges and tries to qualify for the Winter Paralympics in Sochi 2014.

The charity campaigner has been a paraplegic since 1993 when she was involved in a crash with police motorbike, but since then has also done dancing on ice where she showed that having a false leg can’t stop her.

When she announced in 2010 that she wanted to make a bid to qualify, some quarters of the industry were bemused and it was met with great skepticism.

However, today is the day they step back and have a re-think. The money she got from her divorce settlement has now been used to fund her latest adventure, but by no means is this just a pipe dream.

Two years down the line, she has broken many other limbs, been on intense training courses, and taken five race victories in the second tier of skiing.

There is no doubt that she is doing it properly either as she trains in the alps for half the year and makes trips to Milton Keynes when she is back in the UK.

She has now joined the 19 strong disability skiing squad and now has a newly designed leg – like the ones especially designed for the runners when they compete- that helps her ski to her full potential.

Her success in America especially has been highly impressive and she continues to excel and push her body to the limits.

One lady you never expected to see on the start line in 2014 was Mills, but she could well be one of Britain’s best medal prospects by then.

She is just showing that when you have the drive, there is no stopping anyone in sport.

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