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A Purple Run to Cure Epilepsy


On a dark, cold early Thursday morning last week, my fellow Suncoast Striders and I officially kicked off our Wear Purple Virtual Run to Cure Epilepsy Marathon.  I was truly touched by the turn-out and the number of people that wore purple to show their support for this cause.  I am blessed to know so many caring, kind people and fortunate enough to call them “my Strider family”.

To show my appreciation to the Striders and their support, I provided a purple tailgate complete with very purple cupcakes and grape Gatorade for our post-run social hour.  Of course, I also brought the typical less purple and sugary runner supplies, such as water and bananas.

Chrissy, Maribel, Jen H and I took an easy pace through the streets of Longleaf.  Although the temperature was cooler than normal, we quickly warmed up and the layers came off revealing our more purple…

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NYC marathon – to go or stay home?

Great insight into the world and life of a runner

Hulk joins Sauber

Hulk joins sauber after two years at Force India.

Who do you think will go to them now?

Lotus to try Prost, Mortara and Valsecchi

Lotus are posibly attacking this the best way as they also look to develop the car.
A Young driver test is perhaps the wrong way to describe this event as in the past it has seen some exceptional tlents come through, as well as somne that shouldnt have been in the car.
Let’s hope that Lotus can show the value of the experienced driver when it comes to testing positions next year.